Annabelle Jouot is a fiber artist living in Paris.
While discovering a monumental tapestry by Joan Miró in Foundation Miró in Barcelona in 2008,Annabelle fell in love with textile art.
After years working in the fashion industry as stylist and fashion director, she finally starts creating textile pieces in 2015.
Since then, she creates large tapestries and transforms wool into mural art.
In her art, Annabelle is always searching for imperfection.
She says:
"I don't like straight lines and square things. I want people to see the trace of the human hand in my tapestries, I want people to know that a machine could not have done this. I create primitive, raw, unruly, untamed works. I love imperfection above all."
Annabelle works on commissioned works.
She is represented by galerist Amélie Du Chalard (Amélie, Maison d'Art) for Europe and United States, and by galerist Virginie Muys (Taxidi) for Greece.