Annabelle is a french stylist and creative consultant living in Paris.
She is the fashion director of Hot Hot Hot! magazine.
She began her career in fashion in 2000 after graduating at Studio Berçot.
Fashion director of Under The Influence magazine from 2008 to 2010, then fashion editor at Grazia (France)until 2012, she's been working in freelance and contributed to various magazines - Novembre, Tank, Vogue it, Purple, Commons & Sense, Metal,...
Her commercial work consists in fashion campaigns for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lancel, Cartier, Le Tanneur, L'Occitane, etc … She collaborated with photographers Carlijn Jacobs, Benjamin Lennox, Estelle Hanania, David Bailey, Olivier Zahm, David Slijper, Sharif Hamza, Boris Ovini, Boris Camaca,…
In parallel of her work as a stylist and fashion director, Annabelle also forms a creative duo with artist Julien Ribot.
Together, they work on various fashion and art projects.